The 30th anniversary of GNI Architects & Engineers, Inc.


Registered as Construction Technology Service Industry


Registered as Korea Remodeling Association


International Construction Engineering Business No.321


Renamed GNI Architects & Engineers, Inc.
Technology Research Institute attached


Licensed & Registered for Architectural Supervision


Gunwon International Architects & Engineers, Inc. established

GNI Story

MIXED-USE HOUSING Creating New Trends in Design Since being the first architectural company to design a mixed-use housing, office, and commercial multipurpose complex, we have continued to introduce new trends and design typologies.

PF DEVELOPMENT PROJECTS An Established Leader in Architectural Design We stand as leaders after having won PF(project financing) development competitions held by the Korean Land and Housing Corporation in 3 straight occasions.

PUBLIC BUILDINGS Playing a Central Role as an Architectural Pioneer Our tradition of designing public buildings is extensive. We have successfully completed over 10 projects ranging from court houses, prosecutors'offices, and local government offices.

UNIVERSITY BUILDINGS Continuing a Tradition of Design Expertise We have participated in over 20 education, research, and dormitory projects. We are especially recognized for our experience of university related projects.

PRIVATE MULTI-FAMILY HOUSING Rising as a New Architectural Powerhouse We are becoming a major player in the field of residential architecture after having completed numerous and diverse private residential projects.

STATION AREA YOUTH HOUSING A Front Runner in Architectural Design We are currently involved in many youth housing projects.